Magic the Flavoring

Everyone knows about Magic. It is an innate ability that can be trained, but some people are just better at it, like baseball or rocket science. Like any skill, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Also training really hard helps. Being on a basic level, you can do some cantrips, but it takes studying, training, or a strong magical bloodline to be able to use higher level spells.

As a result, Magic has been incorporated into the world. This is seen in Healers being employed at hospitals and elite strike forces of Magic users in the Army. Magic shops and school also populate local businesses.

Also, mystical creatures are about as abundant as non-magical creatures. You have your shock lizards running around everywhere near the sewers, and the occasional hippogriff as a pet of a well to do family. Dangerous or big creatures such as a yeti are in the wild or at the zoo.

Magical races are present and very active in major cities.

Magic the Mechanics
Magic Systems

Magic the Flavoring

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